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Cameras and Home Security

By Jeff Welch
April 5, 2023

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of break-ins and home invasions. As a result, many homeowners have made improvements to their residential security. These improvements include installing security cameras, alarms, and motion sensor lights, which are useful tools to monitor property, both inside and out, and alert the homeowner when there is any potential threat. Here, we break down how the following technologies can strengthen the physical security of your residence. 

1. Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great way to deter criminals or catch them in the act. They come in a variety of forms and options, including wireless. The ability to strategically position wireless security cameras anywhere on your property and observe surroundings as well, is a key benefit. For instance, there are covert home surveillance cameras that can be tucked away for inconspicuous monitoring—or, you can make your security cameras visible to prevent trespassers and possible intruders. Many homeowners have found that having a security camera system has dramatically reduced the number of break-ins.

2. Alarm Systems

Do alarm systems actually work to dissuade home invaders? The answer is, 'Yes'—Security Alarm Systems are another great way to deter criminals. An alarm system's main function is to alert the user and the proper authorities in the event of emergencies. Whenever it senses a home intrusion, fire, etc., it sends information to the central monitoring station and sounds an alarm if a special code is not entered to disable it, or it sounds if it is manually activated. Countless studies and research has been conducted to show that having these systems in place dramatically decreases your chance of a home invasion. 

3. Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are also a great way to avert potential intruders. The sensors track movement using infrared technology and turn on automatic lights when they sense motion. The surprise illumination makes it challenging to hide an intruder's identity, especially when paired with security cameras. 

These improvements have made it more difficult for criminals to break into homes. As a result, the overall number of break-ins has decreased significantly to homes that have implemented these home security technologies. Generally, homeowners who have made these improvements have found that their homes are much safer and more secure, and they're offered peace-of-mind too. 

While some may consider purchasing these security technologies an investment, nothing is more priceless than the assurance that your home, as well as the people and assets within it, are secure against threats and home invasions. 

Are you concerned about the security of your property or business? To learn how you can implement security measures like cameras and security systems, schedule a security assessment with Grab The Axe today. Our team of Total Security Solutions experts will assess your property or building's layout and design to identify any areas that may be at risk for break-ins or other security breaches, and provide you with appropriate options that align with your goals and budget. 

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