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Combining AI with Drones for Site Security

By Jeff Welch
March 23, 2023

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and drones for site security is a rapidly growing trend in the security industry. There are many benefits to using this combination of innovative security technologies, including the ability to cover large areas with a limited number of security personnel, quickly respond to potential threats, and gather data and information about potential threats before they happen.  

AI & Drones: Security Optimization for Organizations

One company that is using AI and drones is Flirtey. This drone delivery service partnered with Lockheed Martin to develop a system that autonomously delivers packages to homes and businesses. The system uses AI to identify potential landing sites and navigate around obstacles. The surveillance drones are also equipped with cameras that allow them to stream live video footage to a central control center, where operators can monitor the situation and direct the drones as needed.  

This type of drone surveillance security system could be used for security purposes by providing live video footage of potential threats or intruders on a property. The drones could also be equipped with sensors that could detect things like heat signatures or movement, allowing them to identify potential threats even before they are visible to human eyes.  

The use of AI and drones for site security is still in its early stages, but this technology has great potential to revolutionize how we keep our organizations, properties, and people safe.  

If you're interested in incorporating AI or drone technologies into your security strategy, reach out to Grab The Axe today for a security assessment. Along with more in-depth insights and recommendations for your specific scenario, Grab The Axe experts will deliver a comprehensive analysis and recommendations to cover all of your security needs. 

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