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The Pros and Cons of Drone Swarms for Site Security

By Jeff Welch
February 15, 2023

Drone swarms are being used with increasing frequency for site security. A recent example is their use by the US military to secure the perimeters of military bases.  

Advantages of Using Drone Swarms

The advantages of using drone swarms for site security are many and include:   

  1. They can be deployed quickly and easily. 
  2. They can cover a large area with high accuracy. 
  3. They can be used day or night in all weather conditions. 
  4. They are difficult to detect and intercept. 
  5. They can be equipped with various sensors and payloads (e.g., cameras, infrared sensors, etc.), making them highly versatile. 
  6. They can be controlled remotely, meaning there is no need to put human lives at risk. 
  7. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other site security methods (e.g., manned guards, dogs, etc.). 

Disadvantages of Using Drone Swarms

The disadvantages of using drone swarms for site security are few but should not be ignored:   

  1. They require a high degree of coordination and control to function correctly. 
  2. If they lose power or connection to their controller, they may fall out of the sky, posing a danger to people and property below. 
  3. Their small size makes them vulnerable to strong winds and other forms of bad weather. 
  4. Because they are unmanned, they lack the ability to make decisions on their own and must be constantly monitored by humans (which introduces the possibility of human error). 

Interested in using drones for site security? Reach out to Grab The Axe, your Total Security Solutions provider to schedule a security assessment and find out if drones are the right solution for securing your business or property.

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