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Top 10 Ways to Remain Safe During an Active Shooting
By Jeff Welch
March 4, 2023

Top 10 Ways to Remain Safe During an Active Shooting

1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It is important to be aware of your surroundings in any situation, but especially in an active shooting scenario. Pay attention to any suspicious activities, people, or items that may appear out of place. Being aware of your environment and the potential for danger will help you to identify potential threats before they get too close.

2. Have a Plan

Having a plan for how you will respond in an active shooter situation is essential. You should think about how you can escape the area if possible, as well as how you can hide or barricade yourself if necessary. Knowing what steps to take ahead of time can help you react quickly and efficiently if the situation arises.

3. Get Out

If there is an exit available, it is best to leave the area quickly and safely while avoiding running or screaming. If evacuation is not possible and/or safe, find an area where you can hide and remain quiet until authorities arrive on scene to assist with evacuation or until the threat has been neutralized by law enforcement personnel.

4. Call 911

As soon as it is safe to do so, call 911 and provide them with the location of the shooter(s) as well as any pertinent information such as number of shooters and description(s) of weapons used. Stay on the line with emergency responders until instructed otherwise by them or law enforcement personnel on scene.

5. Take Cover

When faced with a shooting scenario, it is important to find cover immediately behind solid objects such as walls or furniture that are thick enough to stop bullets from penetrating through them completely (i.e., walls made from brick instead of drywall). Taking cover behind these objects will provide some protection from incoming gunfire and allow you time to assess other options such as escape routes or hiding spots if needed until help arrives or situation ends safely for everyone involved.

6. Silence Your Phone & Devices

During an active shooting scenario it is important to turn off all cell phones, tablets, laptops etc., in order to avoid attracting unwanted attention from a potential shooter(s). Doing so also prevents accidental noise that could alert a shooter(s) who hasn’t noticed your presence yet while hiding in order to stay safe during this dangerous situation.

7. Remain Calm & Quiet

Remaining calm during an active shooting scenario can be difficult but doing so will help keep yourself and those around you safer than if panic takes over in this chaotic situation; making sure not to scream, yell, cry out for help etc., will also ensure that your location remains unknown which may prevent further injury/death due being targeted by shooter(s).

8. Keep Hands Visible To Law Enforcement

When law enforcement personnel enter a scene where there has been an active shooting they need be able to identify potential threats quickly; keeping hands visible (i.e., held up at shoulder level with palms open towards law enforcement) when they enter helps reduce their anxiety levels ensuring everyone gets out alive safely; do not make sudden movements unless instructed by authorities present on scene - even then proceed slowly & cautiously!

9. Follow Instructions From Law Enforcement Professionals On Scene

When law enforcement personnel enter a scene where there has been an active shooting they know best how handle each individual situation; following their instructions carefully without hesitation helps ensure everyone gets out alive safely - even if this means remaining hidden until given explicit instruction otherwise!

10. Have An Emergency Kit Ready In Advance

Having emergency supplies ready such as first aid kits stocked with basic medical supplies (band-aids/gauze), flashlights w/ extra batteries etc., stored somewhere accessible during times like these could potentially save lives when minutes matter most - having access necessary tools at fingertips could mean difference between life & death!

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