Jeff edwards - regional director, hesco electric, ltd.


The team at Grab the Axe is comprised of highly skilled individuals who hold themselves to a level of excellence you do not often see in today’s “quick fix” oriented mindset.

Could not be happier with the level of services they were able to provide and the security vulnerabilities they have pointed out will not only make sure we are better prepared to deal with any threats to our business and our employees, but it will also help us make smarter technology decisions moving forward.

Check out Grab the Axe to find out about blind spots you probably didn’t even know you have!

naydine reill - Director of operations, Kaizen medical group

I could not believe how detailed their observations and reports were. They were so thorough. I would highly recommend.

Jodi Polanski - Founder/CEO, Lost Our Home Pet Foundation

I’m beyond impressed with Grab the Axe. The entire team came out and did an extremely thorough assessment of all the risks at my non-profit from lighting in the parking lot, to technological risks, to risks based on how we operate. Every detail and then some was thought of. The entire team was also very courteous, professional, accommodating and pleasant to work with. I truly feel they went above and beyond in every way to help my organization and I would recommend them to anyone who owns or manages a business.

It’s really unsettling on how many types of security risks are out there and what you don’t know will hurt your organization. Everyone needs a team as great as Grab the Axe to find ALL the risks so they can be minimized.

Christopher Knight - Owner American Raw Fitness LLC

To review a Security Company, it is important to look at all aspects of the working relationship.  There are many aspects to my small company and many areas of potential concerns.  It is also fair to consider all aspects of Jeff and his teams’ approach to communication, diligence, and follow through with Security issues.

My name is Chris Knight and I am the owner of American Raw Fitness LLC.  We are a small niche gym that caters to a small but dedicated group of serious strength athletes.  This year has created a lot of turmoil for many, to include my business, with issues outside of our control.  When I arranged a time to meet with Jeff and his team my gym was closed due to COVID 19 regulations.  It was a troubling time, and I wanted an opportunity to improve on matters that were within my control.  Grab the Axe seemed like a great opportunity to assist me in improvement.

Jeff was exceptional.  Communicated and dedicated himself to my cause immediately.  He was enthusiastic during a time of despair.  He laid out a detailed planned approach to my Security Assessment.  He was interested in my company, interested in my customers, and interested in my goals.  It was a great comfort.  

When Jeff came to my business for the assessment, I was completely blown away.  His full team was in attendance.  They dispersed and began tackling and inspected different areas of physical and digital security.  They each provided me valuable feedback on physical structure, emergency preparedness, and digital vulnerability.  They were thoughtful, patient, and accurate.  

Jeff and his team promised a detailed assessment to include areas of concerns.  I was promptly provided a packet of information.  It was meticulous.  His information helped me understand the vulnerability of my costumer’s transactions.  He assisted me in maintaining a safe layout of the gym floor.  His team even provided suggestions and made me aware of door locks that can and have been improved.  Jeff made sure I felt safe conducted business, and more importantly ensured that my customers would feel safe.  

I can’t encourage another company more to call Jeff.  Have his team do an assessment.  My experience with Grab the Axe has only improved my place of business.  I feel safe.  I feel supported.  During this time I simply cannot ask for more.

Thank you to Jeff and his entire team at Grab The Axe LLC.

Kayla Fowlkes - VP, Sunsational Coffee

They came in and evaluated everything quickly… They then presented all of their findings of what my business does well and what could be done better. This was a very quick and painless process. Thank you Grab The Axe for your services to keep my business and employees safer!​