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10 Essential Active Shooting Safety Tips: How to Protect Yourself

In today’s unpredictable world, understanding how to protect yourself during an active shooting is more crucial than ever. Active shootings can occur anywhere, making it essential for everyone to be prepared. Here are the top 10 active shooting safety tips to help you navigate such a terrifying situation safely.

1. Constant Vigilance: Your First Defense

Awareness of your surroundings can’t be overstated. Always note the nearest exits and potential hiding places wherever you are. Recognizing unusual behaviors or items that seem out of place can act as an early warning system, allowing you to respond swiftly to potential threats.

2. Preparation: The Blueprint of Survival

A well-thought-out plan is your blueprint for survival. Familiarize yourself with the layout of buildings you frequent, noting all possible escape routes and safe rooms. Discuss and rehearse active shooter protocols with family and colleagues. Preparation enhances confidence, enabling you to act decisively.

3. Escape: The Priority Action

Evacuation should always be your first course of action if it’s safe. Use designated exits and avoid drawing attention to yourself. If direct escape routes are blocked or too dangerous, look for alternative paths out of harm’s way.

4. Effective Communication with Authorities

Immediate communication with law enforcement is critical. Once in a safe location, call 911, providing detailed information about the shooter(s), including their location, appearance, and type of weaponry if known. Stay on the line until the operator says otherwise, offering real-time updates if possible.

5. Seeking Cover: A Temporary Refuge

Identify and move to solid cover that can potentially stop bullets—concrete walls, thick desks, or any substantial barrier. This cover can offer temporary protection, buying you time to make critical decisions about your next steps.

6. Electronic Silence: Minimizing Detection

Silence all electronic devices to avoid making noise that could reveal your location. The vibration or ring of a phone could attract the shooter’s attention, so ensure all devices are on silent mode or turned off.

7. Calmness and Quiet: Essential Behaviors

Remaining calm helps you think clearly and make rational decisions. Keep noise to a minimum to stay undetected. Practice breathing techniques to manage stress and avoid panic, which can be contagious and dangerous in high-stress situations.

8. Visibility to Law Enforcement: A Critical Moment

When law enforcement arrives, they need to assess the situation quickly. Keep your hands visible at all times to show you are not a threat. Follow their commands promptly and precisely, moving slowly to ensure officers can safely distinguish between civilians and the assailant.

9. Compliance with Law Enforcement: Ensuring Safety

Law enforcement’s primary goal is to neutralize the threat and secure the area. Their instructions are based on training and the need to ensure the safety of as many individuals as possible. Trust their expertise and follow their directions without hesitation.

10. Emergency Preparedness: Your Safety Kit

An emergency kit, accessible and stocked with essentials such as first aid supplies, a flashlight, and batteries, can be life-saving. Consider including a whistle to signal for help and water for hydration. Familiarize yourself with the use of each item in your kit.

Active Shooting Safety Tips: Your Safety is Our Priority

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