Physical Assessments

Our team will perform onsite checks of your facilities infrastructure, layout, emergency preparedness and overall security setup.

Physical Penetration Testing

Our team will attempt to gain physical access to your facility without the proper credentials.

Insurance Analysis

During our analysis we will review the current insurance plan and ensure that all metrics and plan checklists are in place. We will also tailor the reports we generate to ensure that you receive the lowest costs on your current and any future insurance policies.

Final Report

Once the assessment and analysis phase ends we will provide you will a full set of recommendations based on your current and future needs. This can include a (BIA) Business Impact Analysis, (BCP) Business Continuity Plan and a (DRP) Disaster Recovery Plan.

Cyber Security Assessments

We will conduct a thorough assessment of your organizations online security capabilities and the level of preparedness you have currently established in the event of a breach.

Cyber Penetration Testing

Our team will test your online defenses and prepare a full list of your strengths and weaknesses.

Training Services

We provide a full array of training, both online (Webinar), and onsite classes tailored specifically to your needs. We can instruct your staff on Cyber Security and Hacking Prevention, Social Engineering, De-Escalation and Body Language, Active Shooter Protocols and more.

What our customers have to say.
I’m beyond impressed with Grab the Axe. The entire team came out and did an extremely thorough assessment of all the risks at my non-profit from lighting in the parking lot, to technological risks, to risks based on how we operate. Every detail and then some was thought of. The entire team was also very courteous, professional, accommodating and pleasant to work with. I truly feel they went above and beyond in every way to help my organization and I would recommend them to anyone who owns or manages a business. It’s really unsettling on how many types of security risks are out there and what you don’t know will hurt your organization. Everyone needs a team as great as Grab the Axe to find ALL the risks so they can be minimized.
Jodi Polanski
Founder/CEO, Lost Our Home Pet Foundation
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! The team at Grab the Axe is comprised of highly skilled individuals who hold themselves to a level of excellence you do not often see in today's "quick fix" oriented mindset. Could not be happier with the level of services they were able to provide and the security vulnerabilities they have pointed out will not only make sure we are better prepared to deal with any threats to our business and our employees, but it will also help us make smarter technology decisions moving forward. Check out Grab the Axe to find out about blind spots you probably didn't even know you have!
Jeff Edwards
Regional Director, Hesco Electric Ltd.

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