You are currently viewing Academic Cybersecurity Insights: Strategies from Professor Craig Belanger at UAT

Academic Cybersecurity Insights: Strategies from Professor Craig Belanger at UAT

In the dynamic field of cybersecurity, knowledge and awareness are paramount. Discovering the experiences of Craig Belanger, tenured professor, and director of general education at the University of Advanced Technology (UAT), provides valuable information on safely navigating the digital environment.

Craig Belanger’s journey in academia spans 15 years, during which He has made significant contributions to the field of education. As Director of General Education at UAT, Craig plays a key role in shaping the academic landscape and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

When asked to introduce himself, Craig says, “I am the Governor of General Education here at UAT. I have been a professor for 15 years.” This brief introduction sets the stage for a deeper exploration of his perspectives on cyber security and personal security practices.

In the age of cyber threats around us, Craig demonstrates a proactive approach to securing our digital assets. He emphasizes the importance of being aware of the security issues of home electronics and personal devices. “I’m generally pretty aware of the security issues that affect home electronics and personal devices. I do my best to update the security of all my devices,” he says.

Craig also explains his approach to dealing with phone scams. . an overwhelming threat in today’s digital environment. It adopts a pragmatic strategy, quickly blocking suspicious callers and reporting them as spam. Craig reflects on past encounters with phone scams and emphasizes his commitment to fighting fraud. “I’ve gone to fraud investigators in the past, but I’ve lost contact information,” he recalls.

When it comes to password management, Craig acknowledges the importance of securely managing credentials across devices. Although it does not use a separate password manager, it uses features offered by platforms such as Google, such as cross-device synchronization. This practice allows him to maintain consistency and convenience in managing his digital accounts.

In addition, Craig expresses disdain for people who invade his privacy by looking over his shoulder while he works. “I hate it. If I caught someone doing it, I’d make sure they never want to do it again,” he insists. This uncompromising stance emphasizes the importance of respecting personal boundaries and privacy in digital and physical spaces.

Finally, Craig Belanger offers valuable insights into the practice of cybersecurity and personal security, drawing on his extensive experience as an educator and technologist. With vigilance, awareness and preventive measures, people can reduce the risks of cyber threats and secure their digital identity. Craig’s pragmatic approach is a guide to safely navigating the complexities of the digital world, empowering people to embrace technology with confidence and flexibility.

Interview Conducted by UAT Student Alexis Sloan, Connect and Learn more LinkedIn STEM for Kiddos Instagram @stem_for_kiddos

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