Medical Institution Security

Enhancing Medical Institution Security: A Comprehensive Case Study

In this detailed case study on Medical Institution Security, we explore how Grab The Axe significantly improved the security of a leading medical institution. Recognizing the need for a holistic security assessment to safeguard its digital and physical assets, the institution engaged Grab The Axe to conduct a comprehensive cybersecurity and physical security assessment.


  • Organization: Leading Medical Institution
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Employees: Confidential
  • Patients: Thousands

The medical institution sought to evaluate and enhance its security posture by identifying vulnerabilities in both digital infrastructure and physical premises and providing actionable recommendations for improvement.

Methodology: Cybersecurity Assessment:

  • External and internal penetration testing.
  • Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT).
  • Evaluation based on NIST SP 800-115, OWASP Testing Guide (v4), and custom testing frameworks.

Physical Security Assessment:

  • On-site inspection of premises.
  • Evaluation of access controls, surveillance systems, and potential vulnerabilities.

Medical Institution Security


  • Critical vulnerabilities in internal network access, potential for social engineering exploitation, compromised email accounts, and outdated software on medical devices.
  • Website vulnerabilities including directory listing enabled, outdated security certificates, and misconfigured DMARC records.

Physical Security:

  • Unsecured server room door providing easy access to critical infrastructure.
  • Lack of surveillance in key areas, including the network room.

Recommendations & Implementation: Cybersecurity:

  • Update and patch systems, enforce password policies, secure network printers, rectify website vulnerabilities, and update outdated software on medical devices.

Physical Security:

  • Install locking mechanisms, enhance surveillance, and conduct regular security training for staff.

Evaluation & Analysis: Financial Impact:

  • The medical institution successfully negotiated a 50% monthly cost reduction in its security service fees, saving more than $1,500/month. This significant cost saving validated the value of the assessment and provided substantial financial benefits.


  • Grab The Axe’s comprehensive assessment provided the medical institution with a clear understanding of its security posture. The actionable insights and recommendations ensured that the institution could address vulnerabilities promptly, enhancing their overall security and achieving significant cost savings.

Client Testimonial: “Engaging with Grab The Axe was one of our best decisions. Their holistic approach to security ensured that we not only fortified our digital assets but also our physical premises. Their recommendations were invaluable, and we’ve since implemented them to great effect. The added benefit of a 50% cost savings was the cherry on top. We now feel more secure and confident in our operations, all while saving money.”

  • Clinic Operations Manager & Case Manager, Leading Medical Institution


In today’s interconnected world, a comprehensive approach to security is paramount. Grab The Axe’s dual assessment for the medical institution underscores the importance of evaluating both digital and physical vulnerabilities. Their expertise, actionable recommendations, and the resulting financial benefits have fortified the institution against potential threats, ensuring the safety, trust, and financial well-being of their operations.

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