Animal Rescue Security

Enhancing Animal Rescue Security: A Comprehensive Case Study

In this detailed case study on Animal Rescue Security, we explore how Grab The Axe significantly improved the security of a prominent animal rescue organization. The organization sought a comprehensive physical security assessment to ensure the safety of their staff and the animals in their care.


  • Organization: **** *** ****, an animal rescue organization
  • Industry: Animal Rescue & Welfare
  • Employees: 50+ staff members
  • Animals in Care: 200+ animals

**** *** **** engaged Grab The Axe (GTA) to conduct a comprehensive internal and external physical security assessment to evaluate their infrastructure’s security posture compared to industry best practices.

Key Findings: External Inspection:

  • Access Doors: Identified vulnerabilities where the main lobby doors did not secure completely.
  • Lighting: Poor lighting was observed in the parking area.
  • Animal Access: Potential for animals to escape due to unsecured areas.
  • Neighboring Impediments: Issues arising from neighboring properties affecting security.

Internal Inspection:

  • Medical Supplies: Unsecured medical supplies presented theft risks.
  • Interior Access Control: Inadequate access control measures within the facility.
  • Security Systems: Inactive security systems did not provide adequate surveillance.
  • Emergency Planning: Lack of emergency procedures and planning.
  • Communication: Issues in internal communication systems.
  • Fire & Safety Checks: Absence of regular fire safety inspections.

Animal Rescue Security – Benefits of the Assessment:

  • Highlighted ongoing renovations and the installation of a multi-camera security system.
  • Noted active staff presence as a deterrent to potential threats.

Highlighting Areas for Improvement:

  • Provided actionable recommendations such as stabilizing main entry doors, securing medical supplies, improving lighting, and implementing an emergency communication system.

Enhanced Safety Protocols:

  • Drafting evacuation procedures, marking exits, and designating meeting places during emergencies to enhance safety.

Improved Animal Safety:

  • Recommendations to secure decorative cat areas, lock animal quarantine rooms, and implement proper signage for each animal.

Comprehensive Documentation:

  • Provided detailed reports including area information, crime statistics, and photographic documentation for future reference.

Cost Savings in the Long Run:

  • Early identification and addressing of vulnerabilities to avoid costly security breaches, thefts, or damages.

Enhanced Reputation:

  • Ensuring a secure environment for both staff and animals boosts reputation among stakeholders, donors, and the community.

Compliance with Regulations:

  • Recommendations such as ensuring a clear 18-inch horizontal level below the ceiling for sprinkler systems and having fire extinguishers at specific distances to comply with OSHA regulations.


The physical security assessment conducted by GTA provided **** *** **** with a clear roadmap to enhance their security posture. By addressing identified vulnerabilities and implementing recommended measures, they ensured a safer and more secure environment for staff, animals, and assets. The assessment not only highlighted areas of concern but also showcased the organization’s strengths, providing a balanced view of its current security status.

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