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Physical Security to Protect People and Property from Harm

By Jeff Welch
April 24, 2023

Physical security is the protection of people and property from physical harm. This includes protecting buildings and structures from damage, theft, and other threats. It also protects people from physical harm, such as assault, kidnapping, and robbery.  

Types of Physical Security 

Many different types of physical security measures can be used to protect people and property. These measures can be divided into three main categories:  

  1. Deterrents 
  2. Barriers 
  3. Surveillance 


Deterrents are measures that make it more difficult for an attacker to carry out an attack. For example, lighting can be used to deter criminals by making it more difficult for them to hide.  


Barriers are physical obstacles that make it more difficult for attackers to reach their target. For example, fences and locked doors can be used to barrier people and property from attackers.  


Finally, surveillance is the monitoring of an area for potential threats. This can be done using CCTV cameras or security guards. 

The Importance of Physical Security

Physical security is important because it can help to protect people and property from harm. Using a combination of deterrents, barriers, and surveillance makes it possible to create a safe environment that deters criminals and makes it more difficult for them to carry out an attack.  

At Grab The Axe, we are committed to helping businesses avoid unwanted threats to their people and assets by strengthening their security posture. If you’d like an evaluation and customized insights to empower your physical security strategy, schedule a security assessment with Grab The Axe today.  

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