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The Need for Self Defense Skills

By Jeff Welch
April 18, 2023

Self-defense is the act of defending oneself or one's property from physical harm. It can be divided into two categories: armed and unarmed. Unarmed self-defense is when an individual uses their body to defend themselves, while armed self-defense is when an individual uses a weapon to defend themselves.  

The need for self-defense skills for personal safety has been well documented. For example, a study on victimization and fear of crime found that women who had received self-defense training were significantly less likely to be victimized than those who had not (Fisher & Nasar, 1988). Another study found that self-defense training can reduce the likelihood of rape by up to 96% (Kanin, 1994).  

Commonly Used Self Defense Techniques 

Many different techniques can be used for self-defense. The most important thing is to find a method that works for you and that you feel comfortable with. Some common techniques include: 


This is a good way to defend yourself if you are attacked from behind or if your attacker is larger than you. Try to kick them in the shin, knee, groin, or stomach. 


If you are attacked from the front, punching is a good option. Again, aim for vulnerable areas like the nose, throat, solar plexus, or groin.  

Elbow strikes

Elbow strikes can be very effective if done correctly. They are often used in close quarters where kicking or punching may not be possible. Aim for the nose, chin, solar plexus, ribs, or spine.  


Headbutting can be a surprise attack that can disorient your attacker long enough for you to get away. Be careful not to injure yourself, though! Only use this technique if you can do it without harming yourself.  

No matter what technique you choose, always remember that your goal is to get away safely – not to hurt your attacker. So, use whatever force is necessary to ensure your safety and get away as quickly as possible.  

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At Grab The Axe, we are dedicated to empowering people, businesses, and organizations to secure their assets and strengthen their security posture in order to protect against potential threats. To learn more about enhancing your personal safety, make sure to subscribe to Grab The Axe Insights and follow us on social media.   

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